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Dr. Brian Brody

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Dr. Brian Brody, PsyD.
Licensed Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist who has successfully helped thousands of individuals and families in my therapy practice since 1980.

I provide quality and comprehensive counseling services to adults, children, teens, couples, and families.

I am dedicated to creating a safe, confidential and caring environment from which people can learn to heal, grow and create a fulfilling life.

My belief is that with the right tools people can learn coping skills, heal old trauma, reprogram self-defeating patterns, learn to better communicate and reach their goals. I follow a short-term therapy model. The cognitive behavior therapy tools I teach are for you to use on your own and not need me.

I believe in the brilliance of the human spirit. Together we find the answers that are right for you.

Begin with a free phone consultation. We will identify your needs and create a counseling program that perfectly suits you or your family.

I look forward to talking with you.

Brian Brody
Denver Therapy Center
Denver Therapy Center

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