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Couples and Marriage Counseling at the Denver Therapy Center

Relationships can go through stressful periods and build up tensions that get in the way of an intimate connection. In a safe environment with a skilled therapist, couples can cleanse and heal their relationship. Special care is given to provide couples with the tools they need to rebuild a healthy foundation for their future growth. Couples are taught to utilize good communication, problem solving skills and empathy to a new way of relating which can rekindle the positive feelings that were there in the beginning.

Use couples counseling and marriage counseling to:

  • Do pre-marital planning for marriage
  • Prevent separation and divorce
  • Heal an extramarital affair or other problem issues
  • Relieve built up tension
  • Learn to effectively communicate
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Overcome sexual and intimacy issues
  • Establish a loving relationship with mutual respect

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